Videos!: Primary Maneuver Proficiency with CloudAhoy

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When’s the last time you gave some S-Turns-Across-A-Road, or Turns-About-A-Point a try? If you’re like me, it’s been a long time. Maybe even as far back as when you took your Private Pilot check ride.

Since this month I’m giving away two ‘CloudAhoy Pilot Debriefing App’ subscriptions to a couple of my Patreon supporters, I thought it would be nice to show off some of the CloudAhoy capabilities that I really enjoy.  It also gave me a great excuse to get out there and practice those Primary Maneuvers myself!

I hope that you'll come away both intrigued and inspired to try your hand again at the skills that earned you your Primate Pilot ticket.

And as always, a huge Thank You! to all my Patreon supporters!

- Gene (The HD Pilot)
See the Original Video in High Definition.