Videos!: Spins, Loops, and Immelmans with Col Rich Graham

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My friend Richard Graham and I finally got around to going out and having some fun with spins in my RV7A. Although he and I had done all kinds of other aerobatic maneuvers in my RV, we'd never gotten around to spins. And given that back in the day, Rich was a Spin Demonstration Pilot in the Air Force, we couldn't let that oversight go uncorrected. On this flight we also did a some loops, along with letting Rich have fun trying Immelmans.

Rich has had quite the aviation career!  He's flown combat missions over Vietnam in an F-4 Phantom, flown the U-2 spy plane, and flown the SR-71 Blackbird on surveillance missions of the Soviet Union.  He went on to become the Wing Commander of Beal AFB, as well as working for the Pentagon.

Rich's Bio:

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