Videos!: ForeFlight Synthetic Vision - Ouachita Mountains

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The Synthetic Vision feature of ForeFlight Mobile is a very intriguing tool to experiment with. At night, or in poor visibility, ‘seeing’ what’s out ahead of you could be an absolute life saver! But, living in the flat lands of the Dallas Texas area, we can’t even begin to truly appreciate what it’s capable of.

So my friend David and I took advantage of the fact that the Ouachita Mountains of S.E. Oklahoma and West Arkansas are less than an hour flight away. Although they are not true ‘mountains’, and are nowhere near the size of the Rockies or even the Appalachian, they’re something we hoped would make synthetic vision more interesting to play with.

In this video, we used GoPro cameras to simultaneously record the view out in front of the plane at the same time we recorded the view on the iPad of ForeFlight’s synthetic vision display.  We wanted to know how accurately their synthetic vision replicated the real world.   We landed in Talihina Oklahoma and staged our camera from there, following some of the ridges that run East / West in that area.

In the end, we came away being pretty impressed. Watch the video and see the results for yourself!

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- The HD Pilot
See the Original Video in High Definition.