Videos!: Falcon 50EX Circling Approach into Aspen Colorado

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My friend Brendan flies Falcons, King Airs, and more. In snowing and windy weather, Brendan took me along for an approach into KASE, Aspen Colorado. [Be Sure to watch until the End!]


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Description of the video:

My friend Brendan flies Falcons, King Airs, and more for a living.  In snowing and windy conditions at the airport, he took me along for a Circling Approach into KASE in Aspen Colorado.  At points on the circling approach, the plane pass over Table Mountain at about 300' AGL, doing 140kts!

Here's Brendan's description of how the circling approach is flown.

"You fly the LOC approach and breakout left when you see the field and head over the table mountain. Cross the ridge and look for the big white tanks which are your landmark for the base turn. When you see the church steeple start your turn to final. Landing on 33 you are on a 2 degree down-slope so it is important to get it on the runway and stopped".

In the video you'll hear a lot of 'Terrain Terrain' warnings. Normally on the circling approach the Terrain Warning audible alarm would be turned off. However, the switch is on the far right of the cockpit and the 'co-pilot' couldn't find the switch. 
With passengers on the plane, a briefing would also be given to them letting them know what the approach would be like so that they aren't alarmed by the low separation over the terrain.


Here's another time-laps video Brendan took of actually flying the approach.

- The HD Pilot
See the Original Video in High Definition.