Videos!: Adrenaline Filled Aerobatics in an Extra 330LX

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For those of you that were watching the aerobatics lessons that Adam gave me in my RV-7a, you heard us talking about getting me the experience trying my hand in his Extra 330. Well, between what felt like the perpetually low ceilings of winter and our schedules never quite matching on the clear days, it took us two full months since the last lesson to get back in the air again.

But it was sure worth the wait! Cool

Almost all the pilots that I let take the controls of my RV-7a immediately comment on how sensitive it is to fly compared to their Cessnas and PipersAnd to be honest I've always enjoyed the responsiveness of the RV. But now I'm ruined for the rest of my flying days; I had no idea how agile the Extra was going to feel. From the moment I took the stick it was as if I could feel it longing to fly in any attitude other than straight-n-level.  If you want to turn, merely Think about making a turn and one wing comes up. Consciously actually moving the stick and the next thing I knew I was looking at the earth through the top of the canopy. Incredible is just one of the many adjectives that poured through my mind on that flight.

If I wasn't already hooked on aerobatics, i Definitely am now. (I just need to find some way to be able to afford an Extra!)

I didn't have anything with me that day to record the cockpit audio from the flight so I decided to put it to music instead. Hope you enjoy...


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