Videos!: More Aerobatic Fun with Rich Graham

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On a cloudy dreary day (that’s all we ever seem to have lately) I’m flying out of McKinney National Airport and having fun practicing aerobatics and learning some commercial with my friend Rich Graham.  Rich is a retired AirForce Colonel. He began his military career as a Spin Demonstration Pilot in T-37s and then flying F-4 Phantoms in combat over Vietnam.  Later he went on to be one of the few pilots to fly the fastest plane ever built, the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.  He is also the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

While you're watching the video you'll hear us talk about the G-Meter that never seemed to go beyond 2G.  It's hard to catch a glimps of it in the video but here it is.  The G-Meter is actually an Android app running on a Nexus 10" tablet.

We concluded though that the G-Meter could NOT be working correctly.  There was No Way we were only pulling 2G, esp when Rich took the controls!  Cool



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