Videos!: RV-7A Aerobatics with CloudAhoy and Adam Baker - Part 1

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On a hot 95 degree October day I finally got the chance to have another aerobatics lesson with Adam Baker. Adam is a local air show performer, a great instructor, and a lot of fun to fly with. In this video we have an exciting addition; it's the inclusion of real-time, on-screen telemetry data provided via the CloudAhoy app that's synced with the video.

The on-screen telemetry data is able to display parameters such as Altitude, Vertical Speed, Indicated & True Air Speeds and more, all as they are occurring during each of the aerobatic maneuvers. It provides a great insight into analyzing the performance of the flight.

This lesson with Adam was almost an hour long, so it's split into multiple segments. Watch for Part 2, coming soon.

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- Gene (The HD Pilot)
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