Videos!: RV-7A Aerobatics with CloudAhoy and Adam Baker - Part 2

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On a hot 95 degree October day I finally got the chance to have another aerobatics lesson with Adam Baker. By the time we got into the second half of the lesson, the heat was taking its toll on my ability to focus. I found myself struggling with the maneuvers that I've done many times before.
In this video, as in Part 1 of the aerobatics lesson, I have included real-time, on-screen telemetry data provided via the CloudAhoy app. The on-screen flight data metrics are synced with the flight video. The telemetry data is able to display parameters such as Altitude, Vertical Speed, Indicated & True Air Speeds and more, all as they are occurring during each of the aerobatic maneuvers. I found it provides a great insight into analyzing the performance of the flight.


This lesson with Adam was almost an hour long, so it's split into two episodes. If you missed Part 1, click here.

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- Gene (The HD Pilot)
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