Videos!: Head to Head: Ghost-S HD Camera vs GoPro 4 Black

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Up until now, all of our HD Pilot videos have been made with a GoPro camera. But recently, we were given the opportunity to evaluate a Drift Ghost-S HD camera and compare it with the top of the line GoPro 4 Black. Like the GoPro, the Ghost-S is a 1080p HiDef camera. In this video, we’re going to check out the features and image quality of the two cameras in a head-to-head comparison. We'll mount a GoPro on one wing and a Ghost-S on the other. We will also demonstrate mounting the Ghost-S HD camera on the RV-7A.

Helpful Tip: We used the promo-code of GHOST when we ordered from FlightFlix, and got $15 off our order.

- Gene (The HD Pilot)
See the Original Video in High Definition.