Videos!: Would I Survive? An Instrument Approach using only ForeFlight Synthetic Vision

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My friend David has been after me for a while now to answer a burning question that's been on his mind. That question was... would it be possible to fly an instrument approach using ONLY ForeFlight's Synthetic Vision display, and not looking at the instrument panel at all (needless to say, no looking out the window either). As unconventional as this sounded, I was intrigued and agreed to give it a try. The video we made shows the outcome of that flight, done with both an instrument-rated and non-instrument-rated pilot giving it a try to see which fared better.

One small disappointment though, after we'd done all the flying and had captured all the video, we played it back only to realize the intercom system of the old C-172 put out a lot of distortion. It makes it a little tougher to understand our conversations, but we felt we'd captured the essence of the experiment and decided to produce this video despite the sound quality. We hope you enjoy watching our experiment, but we also want to make sure you know we are NOT advocating ever trying this in actual conditions, with or without a safety pilot. Please consider supporting our efforts by becoming a Patron on

- Gene (The HD Pilot)
See the Original Video in High Definition.