Articles: RV-7 Aircraft iPad Won't Charge: Problem Solved!

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I've had my iPad display "Not Charging" before when plugged into a USB port that didn't have sufficient current capacity, but the iPad Mini that I use to run ForeFlight in the cockpit of my RV-7A wasn't even displaying THAT! It acted as though I hadn't even applied power to it at all. Here's the simple fix that got it working...




How many times have you plugged your iPad into a USB port and saw the message "Not Charging"? Well, it was even worse when I tried to use the hard-wired USB port I'd created for my RV-7A to charge my iPad running ForeFlight.

Originally I'd removed my Garmin 696 and replaced it with an Android tablet to run Garmin Pilot.  To make sure that the tablet didn't run out of battery power on long trips I'd 'hard wired' a 12 volt to USB Converter into my electrical system.  I used the converter made by CPT, shown below. Everything worked great, the Android tablet remained 100% charged all the time.  Life was good!


However, after trying to use Garmin Pilot over the next five months, I became disillusioned in how slowly (and that's being generous) Garmin enhances their product. I admitted to myself that I was better off going back to running ForeFlight, even though that meant having to go back to an iPad.

So I ordered a new RAM mount to hold my iPad Mini, and on the day it showed up, I went out to the hangar to swap out the Android.  A few minutes later, with everything mounted and the iPad Mini connected to the USB Converter, I flipped on the Master switch.  To my horror, NOTHING happened. No little lightning bolt on the battery symbol, not even the "Not Charging" message that I'd seen before when plugging it into my computer. In disbelief, I stuck a Micro USB cable into the other dongle of the converter and plugged it into the Android.  The charge symbol lit right up.  Since the converter is rated to supply 3 amps total to the two USB dongles, and I only had the iPad plugged in, there should have been plenty of current to supply the 2 amps needed to charge it. I couldn't understand how this wasn't working.  Hmmm!

So over the next few days I did some digging on the Internet looking for a USB Cable wiring hack but found nothing that helped.  Then I stumbled onto this little gadget that claimed to solve all "iPad won't charge" problems.  I was skeptical, but the little adapter only cost $5.69 and I was out of options. I really thought I was throwing a few bucks down the drain but was willing to try anything at that point.


The part showed up in less than a week and to my amazement, IT WORKED!  Just by putting this little device in-line with the iPad Mini's USB cable it was now showing that it was charging.   Still being a little skeptical I wondered if maybe it just tricked the iPad into 'showing' it was charging but really wasn't. So I unplugged the cable and let the iPad's battery fall to 90%.  After reconnecting the cable, the iPad gradually increased back up to 100%, proving it really is charging.

So in conclusion, if any of you are having trouble getting your iPad to charge, this cheap little device seems to do the trick.  You can find them here:


I haven't tried this one, but here is another product that might work. 



(I am in no way affiliated with the companies that make either of the products mentioned in this article)