Articles: $100 Hamburgers - The Beacon Café at Hicks Airfield

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If you’re already passing north of Fort Worth Texas, or looking for an excuse to fly somewhere for lunch, The Beacon is a great little restaurant at Hicks Airfield (T67). I’d heard about this restaurant a couple years back, but dealing with DFW’s Class Bravo airspace had always caused me to put off checking it out. But, now that I’ve been there and sampled the food, it’s definitely going to be on my list of places when I need an excuse to fly.



The restaurant is located here, at the north end of the runway at Hicks Airfield.

Hicks Field itself has quite an interesting history!  It was a former World War I military airfield. It was operational between 1917 and 1920.  Hicks was converted to a civil airport in 1945 and was used by Bell Helicopter for flight testing and anti-submarine warfare helicopters.


You can read more about it Here...



The main dining room is a bit of a cross between an aviation theme and the 50s/60s era.




There is also an atrium section that gives the feel of being outdoors



As well as an area that serves as an outdoor covered patio, large enough for big groups.



Here’s a peek at the Beacon’s menu.  They have a selection of both breakfasts entrees and and burgers.



Hicks also has self-serve 100LL conveniently located next to the café with reasonable fuel prices.



As an extra bonus, we got an excellent view of the Texas Motor Speedway on our return flight.  If you look carefully, you can see the Runway in the middle of the arena used for the Red Bull Air Races.


Be sure to give them a try - Highly Recommended!