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Exterior Cameras on Certificated Aircraft - Yes or No?


One of the coolest things you can do in your Airplane is shoot video of your flying experiences with a GoPro or a Garmin Virb action camera. We love to go out in our Van's RV-7A with GoPro's mounted on each wingtip, along with cameras mounted inside the cockpit, one facing forward and the other facing back at the pilot and passenger.

That's the beauty of having an experimental aircraft and being able to mount action cameras (sensibly) on the interior and exterior of the plane. We purchased RV Wingtip mounts from These mounts are all metal, and bolt securely to the existing screw holes in the fiberglass tips of the RV. We like this setup and think that it's the best and safest configuration for us. If a camera (heaven forbid) breaks free, it will mostly likely not hit the airplane causing flight control problems or damage to the aircraft.

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